We at Pioneers trading aspire to be one of the preferred companies in the field of fire and safety industry.
Our mission is to build our reputation for Integrity, excellence, experience and leadership as the leading service provider in fire and Safety industry.
We aspire to constantly improve in the quality of our work and services and exceed client expectations.
Our aim is to provide our people with a challenging secure and congenial working environment to achieve personal career goals without compromising on moral principles.
We are always striving for the common good- the protection of life and property. For us our customer satisfaction always comes first. We seek the goal of being the best by offering the most suitable fire protection solutions and services in the industry.
We are consistent with our vision, mission and values and we adhere to our codes of business ethics.
Pioneers Trading aims: to focus its entire energy devoted to Client requirements on all fronts. Pioneers Trading likes to be known for its Reliability, Industrious nature & Organized resources
We offer following products to the Industrial, users , traders and contractors;



  • SARENA FRC Coveralls (12 Cal Cotton Nylon, 100% cotton 270 gsm, 100% cotton 220 gsm)
  • SARENA FRC Shirts
  • SARENA FRC Pants
  • 3M & Delta Plus Face safety Items ( Googles, Mask, ear protection, Helmets etc)
  • 3M & Delta Plus Hands Protection Items ( Gloves etc)
  • 3M & Delta Plus Feet Safety ( shoes etc)



  • At Pioneers Trading, reliability is the cornerstone of our business and our commitment to our customers. We believe in clear communication, in keeping our word, in holding the goals of our customers at the forefront, in finding answers and making sure our customers get everything they need, right when they need it.  Whether you are a customer, vendor or a fellow team member, we will never let you down.
  • At Pioneers Trading, we value reliability because we care deeply about our employees & customers.
  • Pioneers Trading believes that its employees are its most important asset embracing professionalism, pride, integrity, commitment, compassion, camaraderie, concern, caring and legacy.
  • All the activities of the Pioneers Trading are carried out by a strong complement of professionally qualified and experienced personnel.


Our Mission is to stay renowned for the quality of our products and reliability of services without compromising with ‘On time completion policy’ and to keep healthy and long-term relationship with our clients.


The vision of Pioneers Trading is to get recognized by its customers, peers, guests and clients & stakeholders of the company as: –


  • A model of excellence in providing services through innovative technology in fire safety and security systems and to keep the clients always satisfied.
  • A company dedicated to continuous improvement to every detail of the service it provides.
  • A company that promotes the environment of tolerance, trust and involvement and
  • A company responsive to the needs and concerns of its customers, peers, guest and clients & stakeholders.